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Model Railroading: HO Passenger Cars For Sale - tq-07fan

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Up for sale here HO passenger cars. Paypal only. Give me your list and I will calculate postage from zip code 45236. Canada and International orders are no problem. If you want additional pictures of a particular car PM me and I will accommodate. Reasonable (and some stupid) offers accepted. All cars on offer here are in their original boxes, unless noted. Trying to get rid of the last of the HO scale crap to pay off my ever increasing N scale debts.

From the Ambox of Amstuff, most are like new unless noted. Being older cars issued in the 1980s and 1990s all of these cars have horn hook couplers.

I have one of the Walthers cars from the older series from the 1980's. This one is not in the original box. It is a poor runner with the orginal blackened wheels from the 1980's run.
1) 932-60?? 85' Amfleet I Food Service Phase I, this one numbering decals, grab irons and stirrups have not been applied but are included in the box. ** As is condition ** $ 9

This group are all Con-Cor cars from the 1980's, clear windows, no interiors, great for their time but not so much now. Cars are OK but the Con Cor boxes tend to get beat up easily as is the case with most of these. All Con-Cor cars are $ 10 each or make an offer.
2) ? (Label Fell Off) ? Appears to be a Phase I 85ft Coach. R/N 4810
The following are Superliners in Phase III livery
3) #0001-0822 Coach-Baggage R/N 31048
4) #0001-0842 Lounge-Cafe (Sightseer cars) R/N 33023

The next group are much better quality Walthers releases from the late 1990s and early 2000s. They are in the boxes with the clear plastic window. These are cars that have modeler applied numbering decals and grab irons. All decals and grab irons are included but have not yet been applied. All of these are basically new although a few of the boxes have some wear which will be noted.
5) 932-6412 73' Budd Baggage - Rock Island (Stainless Steel, fluted sides) $ 34 (Box has some damage but car is like new)
6) 932-16706 Pullman-Standard 4-4-2 Sleeper - N de M Nacionales de Mexico (smooth sides, green with red stripe and yellow lettering, black roof, black trucks and underframe) $ 34
7) 932-16725 Pullman-Standard 6-6-4 Sleeper - N de M Nacionales de Mexico (smooth sides, green with red stripe and yellow lettering, black roof, black trucks and underframe) $ 34
8) 932-6343 85' Budd 10-6 Sleeper Amtrak Phase III $ 20
9) 932-9019 P-S 29-Seat Dormitory-Lounge Amtrak Phase I ** This box has some damage but car is new * $ 20
10) 932-9059 P-S 7-4-3-1 Sleeper Amtrak Phase I $ 24
11) 932-10400 Pullman Heavyweight 6-3 Sleeper (Plan # 3523C) Undecorated (Gray bare plastic) $24

The following six are all Undecorrated Walthers cars. All are streamliner smooth sided cars so they match well and did look good together. I was building these up to make a nice train for my ficticious railway before tearing down the HO layout. I would like to get $36 each out of these but you can buy all six for $150. Add a couple more head end cars (which are listed below) and you've got a sweat little passenger train for your fictitious railway. I may have undecorated E units but can't remember if I sold them or not?
12) 932-9066 AC&F Baggage-Dormitory
13) 932-6799 Pullman-Standard 64 Seat Coach
14) 932-6799 Pullman-Standard 64 Seat Coach
15) 932-6799 Pullman-Standard 64 Seat Coach
16) 932-9061 AC&F "Ranch" Lounge Car
17) 932-9054 P-S 7-4-3-1 Sleeper

These are Athearn Blue Box Kits in kit form that were purchased to go with the special undec train above. Pay the asking price if you only want one but not the train special or add any or all of them to the six cars above for $5 each.
18) Athearn Blue Box kit Item 17477 ATH 1840 Standard RPO Undecorated $ 7.88
19) Athearn Blue Box kit Item 17477 ATH 1840 Standard RPO Undecorated $ 6.50
20) Athearn Blue Box kit Item 17502 ATH 1880 Standard Baggage Undecorated $ 7.88

The next two cars are the Athearn Bombardier Commuter Cars. They look great but they are extremely poor runners. I found a thread with possible corrections for these. http://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?3,2806686,2812415#msg-2812415 The two I have are both Cab cars and both are undecorrated. I'll sell both for $30 to someone who wants to invest the time to fix the issues.
21) Athearn 2539 RTR Bombardier Cab Car Undecorated Two for $30.

That is it for passenger cars at this moment. If I find more I'll add them to the list. Again make some offers it doesn't hurt to try. I now need to find the locomotives and freight cars and put them up for sale here as well later.

Thank You


Posted: 02-25-2017

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