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Super Christmas Special!
Join now for 13 months for only $29!

This comes out to less than $2.50 a month, a great value that offers hours of enjoyment.

That is $10 off our regular rate. This is our only sale of the year and it will end on Christmas.

Our goal of this low price special is to hook you on Trainorders.com. It works well, but we only run this special during Christmas to convert the countless lurkers to members. Trainorders.com is a fantastic value and with this special it comes out to only 8 cents a day. This is a real bargain considering that most of us pay $40+ a month to the phone and cable company for Internet access.

When you become a member you gain full access to the web site. Notice we display no advertisements (except this one)? That is because our membership fees cover our operational costs and we don't need to sell out our members privacy to pay our bills.

This special is only valid through Christmas, so hurry and become a member now as it will be another year before we offer this special again. This special is valid for new registrations only.

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