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Date: 05/07/03 04:42
CSX POTUS locomotive
Author: nsrayman

Back in 1992 this was the CSX locomotive to keep up with , here it is on CSX 675 at Bridgeport , AL. right after re # to 7812.

Date: 05/08/03 00:33
Re: CSX POTUS locomotive
Author: throbbingunits

WOW! And the lead unit is 7821. Same numerals mixed up.

I had the good fortune of catching CSXT 7812 in Feb. 1997. ON THE HEAD, NO LESS! :)
EB at Washington Street in Lynchburg, VA. Alas, both the unit\'s detailing and the cantilever signal are gone. :(

Date: 05/08/03 07:16
Re: CSX POTUS locomotive
Author: eerie1246

Do you think that this paint scheme looks familar?

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