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Date: 02/26/17 17:56
Basic Drone Rules Around Trains
Author: eastpenn23

As a new drone pilot, I have some questions regarding flying drones during railfanning. Other than following the FFA and common sense rules (like flying right in front of a train), is there anything else I should be aware of? Is there anything wrong with flying over the tracks at a safe altitude to take photos? Any input or help is appreciated.

Jake B.

Date: 02/27/17 07:53
Re: Basic Drone Rules Around Trains
Author: jkh2cpu

I'd guess this is uncharted territory. As long as you're not
a nuisance and you don't run afoul of someone who had a bad
night with the significant other, you'll probably stay out of
trouble. The railroads may claim that they own the area above
their tracks, and if one of their lawyers likes that notion,
expect trouble in the courts until that notion get settled.

Remember the red-zone: at least 25 feet away from the tracks,
and don't be right overhead where you can loose battery power
and fall on the tracks.


Date: 02/27/17 16:11
Re: Basic Drone Rules Around Trains
Author: SP4360

Probably not a good idea to do pacing shots 3ft from the cab window. :)

Date: 02/27/17 20:20
Re: Basic Drone Rules Around Trains
Author: tinytrains

Also, be carefule around industrial areas. If they think you are spying on (safety or envionmental issues) them they will try and raise a stink with the police. This applies to plain old camera shooting as well.

Scott Schifer
Torrance, CA
TinyTrains Website

Date: 03/03/17 23:44
Re: Basic Drone Rules Around Trains
Author: chakk

What rules on drones have been promulgated by the Future Farmers of America -- the FFA?

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