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Excursions: TIOGA PASS with steam? - aronco

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TIOGA PASS will travel to Chicago leaving LA on Tuesday, June 13th on Amtrak train 4. In Chicago, TIOGA PASS will join the Joliet Rocket special train pulled by NKP steam engine 765 on Saturday, June 17 and Sunday June 18th. Each day, the Rocket will run from La Salle Street Station in downtown Chicago to Joliet and return. At La Salle Street Station, passengers will enjoy a jazz trio, beverages, and light snacks in the station.
Those who ride with TIOGA PASS from LA to Chicago will enjoy a complimentary trip on the Joliet Rocket, in addition to a transcontinental rail journey aboard an open platform private railcar on the rear of an Amtrak streamliner. Your passage will include all meals aboard the train and full complimentary beverage and snack service. This special trip is limited to 8 passengers. For more details call Norm at 760 953 9620 or E-mail him at ARONCOlc@aol.com. The open platform the steam and the smoke are yours to enjoy too.

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Posted: 04-03-2017

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