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Model Railroading: CoolChem BOGO Oct-Nov -  CoolChem

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Coolchems Products fix just about everything . . .
Antique restoration, squeaky chairs,
Hose and Belt repair
Wood strengthening (balsa wood, cedar, redwood, cherry and many more
Speakers, Fishing tackle, Fiberglass repair (boats, snow machines, wave runners) tent poles, archery (bow, arrow-fletching, inserts)
Arts and crafts models, sculptures, beads, stones, fabrics, ceramics, rhinestone, Stones (fixing cracks and chips)
Jewelry making and repair
RC cars, boats, planes, and Trains, 
Aquariums (Plant anchoring, fixturing, Corral fragging)
Musical instrument repair
Fossils (repair and preservation)
Shoe repair
This month Coolchems offer is a BOGO purchase anyone of our integrators and get another free. You can mix our new Low viscosity with our new and improved integrator or get two of the same.

New for those job that need extra strength for extreme conditions: Coolchems
New reinforcing system
Just apply small strip of reinforcing material to the back of your parts you have just bonded, then apply Coolchem integrator over the reinforcing material, spray a very fine mist of the Coolchem activator over the entire reinforced area, wait 20 seconds, you have now almost doubled the strength of that original bond. As part of the BOGO we will include free of charge the reinforcing material with each purchase in October and November.

Visit the coolchem website: www.Coolchem.com
Learn about our affiliate program sharing your Coolchem experience.

CoolChems’ New Integrator 75-L is a Surface Insensitive, Clear, Low Viscosity Adhesive designed for OEM assembly of difficult-to-bond materials which require uniform stress distribution.
The CoolChem Integrator 75-L improved formula allows high bond strength and speed.

Bonds a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, wood, leather and rubber.

Extremely Fast Fixture Speed
Very High Bond Strength
Suited to Bonding Porous Materials
Great for General Flat Surface Bonding

Web Page: www.coolchem.com

Posted: 11-11-2018

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