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Railroadiana & Misc: Need Help Identifying Trains -  JNrx

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I am looking for someone who can help me identify trains from old photos from the 1800's and early 1900's. Some are electric. Many are from Pennsylvania, but also across the country.

I obtained about 200 VERY old negatives (some negatives are as large as 5X7 inches, with most of the negatives being 4X5 inches. I also have some 'newer' (1960's and 1970's slides).

Once I can identify the trains, I can give/sell the negatives to those train enthusiasts who will appreciate these amazing photos to make prints with them.

If you can help, I will give you a percentage of the proceeds of what I sell (negotiable), or give you some of the negatives as payment.

These negatives are truly a piece of history, and need to be appreciated. Please help me get them to those of us who will appreciate them like they deserve.

I can be reached at 208-699-5484 or on my email at treelandme@gmail.com.

Posted: 12-10-2018

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