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Railroadiana & Misc: WTB Elwin Purington RR Recordings -  sig292

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Wanted To Buy:
Recordings of railroad sounds by Elwin Purington.
In the 1980s Elwin Purington sold cassette tapes of his steam recordings. He called the series "Sounds of Simpler Times".
I don't know how many he produced but I'm aware of three:
Sounds of Simpler Times -- The Last of Steam in British Columbia.

Sounds of Simpler Times. -- A Royal Visit, British Columbia's Royal Hudson visits Washington state

Sounds of Simpler Times. -- 1959. -- Canadian Prairie Railroading

I would like to buy any railroad sounds by Elwin Purington in any format, even copies of tapes.
Please PM or email me at gearken@yahoo.com

Ken Gear

Posted: 06-04-2019

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