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Excursions: 1956 PV LA to San Diego twice on Jan 25, 2020 -  ArroyoValley

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Ride in a 1956 Pullman Car from LA to San Diego or San Diego to LA on January 25, 2020. Pacific Railroad Society’s 1956 Pullman car, the National Forum, will be making two round trips to San Diego, allowing you to send all day in San Diego or make a trip from San Diego to Fullerton for lunch. The National Forum will travel along the ocean shores and reach speeds of 90-mph. Please support one of the last private cars operating on Amtrak. PRS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation. Fares start at $125.00 round trip.

Web Page: Http://www.PacificRailroadSociety.org

Posted: 01-04-2020

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