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Railroadiana & Misc: Railroad Book Collection  -  Bronzeman

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39 railroad books (27 hardcover, 11 trade paperback and 1 paperback)

I have a complete two page list (name, author, publisher, date, size and condition). As you can see from the attachment at right, I cannot figure out how to attach it to this listing at a readable resolution.

It can be viewed on my Craigslist ad for this collection:

Photos are available on request. Other than the paperbacks, as a group the books are in very good to excellent condition (with the only wear on the dust jackets).

There are some excellent books is this collection: Steam’s Finest Hour (Morgan), Highliners (Beebe), The American Railroad Passenger Car (White), A History of the American Locomotive (White), The Trains We Rode Volumes 1 and 2 (Beebe & Clegg) and The Railroad and the City (Condit). The collection includes four books by renowned railroad photographer Don Ball: Americans Railroads, Railroads-An American Journey, Americans Colorful Railroads and Decade of the Trains-The 1940s. There are also Kalmbach reprints of the early 1900s texts Articulated Locomotives (Wiener) and Passenger Terminals and Trains (Droege).

Price is $400 OBO. PayPal only.

If interested please contact me by email (w3gp@arrl.net). For the present I will not be accepting offers for individual books.

Posted: 12-10-2020

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