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Railroadiana & Misc: Release of Snowsheds and Train Orders - Marias Pass Operations 1950s – 1980s Book -  rrofmt

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Just wanted to announce the release of my new 132-page 11 x 8.5 landscape B&W format softcover wth over 150 photos, featuring line side action at all ten Marias Pass snowsheds.
Included are details of snowshed construction and an atlas of avalanche history at every snowshed.

There are four in depth studies of the following events: First, of the deadly March 4, 1929 avalanche at Snowshed #6, next, the story of the mysterious Highgate/Singleshot connection; the February 29, 1956 snowslide at Snowshed #10.7 and the aftereffects of the June 1964 Flood.

I lived at Essex for a few years in the mid-1980s and was able to document firsthand daily operations in Marias Pass. The Essex station was vacant at that time,so I was able to rummage through the attic and retrieve a number of train orders and line-ups from the 1950s and 1960s. In the collection of documents reproduced is a "Form 237" from February 1966. This "Station Train Movement and Train Order Transfer Record" lists every train that went thru Essex during the winter month of February 1966.

Find out when the Empire Builder was headed up with General Electric U25B's. In the "Telegrams" section, read about the Shoo-fly built around newly completed Tunnel 3.9.
One reviewer says, “This is one of his best books!” This book will be welcome addition to your Great Northern, Burlington Northern or Marias Pass/Glacier National Park library.

Click on the link below to order:

Talk to ya later,
Dale Jones

Web Page: http://railroads-of-montana.com/index.htm

Posted: 04-01-2021

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