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Excursions: Last private car trip? -  aronco

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Well, it appears that the schedule changes on the Surfliner routes on October 25th will probably end private car trips to San Diego. Heres a last minute opportunity to ride a real business car on the rear of a surfliner - - On Saturday, October 23, TIOGA PASS will run from LA to San Diego leaving at 7:02AM. The car will arrive in San Diego at 9:50AM and will layover in the station until it leaves Sunday morning at 8:25am, arriving LA at 10:10am. On both trips, a light shack service of cofee, juices, pastries and fruit will be served. Other beverages will include beer and soft drinks. No, you cant ride on the open platform any longer, but the view from the lounge cant be beat. Perhaps in a few years, Amtrak will again welcome the extra revenue private cars provide, but for now....
Call Norm at 760 953 9620 and reserve your space now....Fare is $100 per person, cash or check or pay pal is fine.

Web Page: WWW.RideMyTrain.com


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