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Events: AAPRCO mini SPL trains out of CHI 9/3-4-6 -  Rider

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Ride PV “Hollywood Beach” 8/31 via Amtrak#302 StL-CHI $275, return CHI-StL 9/8 via Amtrak#301 same fare. During the 2022 Annual AAPRCO Conv. at CHI, 9/3 SPL from C.U.S. to/from Elgin &Fox Lake via Ex-MILW lines w/lunch off train at Fox Lake. 9/4 out of LaSalle St. via ex CRiP, CSSB and ex-NKP to/from Dillon, IN reverse route w/lunch aboard, 9/6 to/from Union, IL, to visit IRM via ex-CNW RT. $1500 all 3 days or $579 per day. To book ASAP please: onecniccat@prodigy.net Capacity limited.


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