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Date: 02/11/02 07:56
BNSF Sioux City Subdivision Questions
Author: cdub

Here's a few questions about the BNSF's Sioux City Sub that runs north from Ashland, NE:

1. Does this sub run all the way to Wilmar, MN, or just to Sioux City?

2. How are the crew districts set up over this sub? Do crews run between Lincoln and Wilmar, or do crew changes take place in Sioux City?

3. From railfanning this line over the weekend north of Fremont, I spotted a northbound coal load (railroad westbound) and a southbound empty coal train, both with DEEX cars. I thought DEEX cars belonged to Detroit Edison in Michigan, so if these were Detroit Edison trains, why wouldn't they run straight east on the Iowa mainline towards Chicago instead of north up towards Minnesota? One of the engine numbers was BNSF 9816, I believe. By the way, does anybody have an idea of which coal trains have been running regularly on the Sioux City sub?

TIA! CDUB over and out.

Date: 02/11/02 08:04
RE: BNSF Sioux City Subdivision Questions
Author: kyrasmus

The DEEX coal trains are bound for Midwest Energy in Superior, WI for loading onto boats for Great Lakes haulage. I believe that the Ashland-Sioux City and Sioux City-Willmar segments are 2 different subdivisions, but don't quote me on that.

Kyle Rasmussen

Date: 02/11/02 08:04
RE: BNSF Sioux City Subdivision Questions
Author: St.Croix334

The Detroit Edison trains go via Ashland, Willmar, Minneapolis and Hinckley to Superior Wisconsin where they are unloaded for ship loading. On occaision they are even rerouted east to Galesburg and then north via Savannah and LaCrosse to Superior. I don't know the ultimate destination for this coal but it sure racks up the miles (and days) to get there. That's railroading!

Date: 02/11/02 08:12
RE: BNSF Sioux City Subdivision Questions
Author: CNW6500

Well its been awhile since I have been home, but I can answer some of your questions.

1. I believe the sub runs to SC and from SC north it is different. The sub divisions used to chnage in Dakota City NE and at one time it was the Minnesota Division north.

http://www.bnsf.com/about_bnsf/html/division_maps.html is the current division maps.

Under the SCRails folder at http://community.webshots.com/user/ac60w is a south bound grain train passing the old division piont sign at Dakota City.

2. Crews change in SC both from the south and north.

3. Not sure how many coalers run thru, but it can be quite busy at times.

Date: 02/11/02 21:39
RE: BNSF Sioux City Subdivision Questions
Author: iowarails

The BNSF also deliver coal trains to the CN at Sioux City to be taken east across Iowa on the former IC northern line. In full swing I have seen 3-4 coal trains per week using this route.


Date: 02/12/02 01:12
RE: BNSF Sioux City Subdivision Questions
Author: ntharalson

We should also note that while the trackage may be heading west, loaded coal is eastbound and the empties are westbound. This also applied to manifest; i.e. Willmar to Sioux City and Sioux City to Lincoln are westbound. Because of the general north-south alignment of this line, the railroad direction of the train is sometimes difficult to determine.

Nick Tharalson,
Marion, IA

Date: 02/12/02 12:58
RE: BNSF Sioux City Subdivision Questions
Author: CRL


The answer to the rest of your question is teh Sioux City Sub runs from Ashland to Sioux City. Lincoln crews run to Sioux City and back, and Sioux City crews run north to Willmar and back. The line north of Sioux City is the Marshall Subdivision. That line was featured in two of our videos as seen on our web site.





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