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Date: 04/08/02 22:27
Fallen Flags
Author: DublinDistrict

Is anyone else having trouble accessing George Elwoods' site? I keep getting server not found. He can open it on his end, but I can't get it on mine.

Date: 04/08/02 22:50
Re: Fallen Flags
Author: NDHolmes

Works fine for me...

Date: 04/09/02 03:29
Re: Fallen Flags-Clarification
Author: DublinDistrict

I can get into the site, but can't get any photos to download. I've tried new photos and photos that I've opened before - nothing will load.

Date: 04/09/02 04:00
Re: Fallen Flags
Author: slimjim

I was just there and had no problem at all.

Date: 04/09/02 05:00
Probably a router problem
Author: brantstn

Good morning;

I had the same thing happen to me in January. Your problem is most likely you cannot reach the railfan.net server the Fallen Flags photos are stored on.

Try to access this website: www.dti.railfan.net

If you can load this site, I'm stumped. I'll bet the DT&I Modeler website won't load for you either.

What's happened is one of the servers your message goes through to reach the railfan.net server isn't passing on your message.

You'll have to inform your internet service provider and Henry at Blue Moon Internet (they run the railfan.net server) that you can't access the railfan.net server; they'll inform the administrators of all the servers between you and railfan.net that there's a connection problem and it should be fixed quickly.

Contact your ISP help desk first and tell them you can't reach a server. They may contact the administrator of the balky server for you, but if they won't help you get hold of Henry at Blue Moon (his email is below).

You can help him solve the problem faster if you do the following:

1. Open a MS-DOS prompt window (it's under Accessories in your Programs folder).

2.After the C:\\WINDOWS> prompt,type in:


This will show you all the servers your message goes through to reach railfan.net. You should see "Request timed out." for the last server you are able to reach.

3.Begin an email to Henry at:


Tell him you can't access the railfan.net server and paste all of the "tracert" info from the MS-DOS window into your email.

He will get hold of the administor of the blocked server and they'll restore your connection to the railfan.net server.

Good luck!


Date: 04/09/02 15:24
Re: Probably a router problem
Author: DublinDistrict

Thanks for the info, Scott - I ran the tracert per your instructions and hit timed out, as you suspected. Since my ISP was no help whatsoever, I sent it to Henry, and we'll see what happens.

Thanks again for the help!

Date: 04/09/02 16:41
You\'re welcome
Author: brantstn

I couldn't access railfan.net for three days (I was in serious Fallen Flags withdrawl!) before I figured out who to contact to get it resolved; my ISP (Rogers) refuses to deal with things like this.

Henry had me back on-line in a few hours- you'll probably be connected by midnight if the bad server's administrator responds to Henry's email today.


Date: 04/09/02 17:55
Re: You\'re welcome
Author: DublinDistrict

Have you tried this site? It claims to have 69,000 photos, but it's very difficult to navigate.


Date: 04/09/02 20:50
Argh! Rick\'s Web Server
Author: brantstn

Oh yeah....it's such a shame. He's got so much good material there, but there's no way to filter out everything you're looking for unless you look at EVERY SINGLE PICTURE on the site.

Seeing something like that really makes you appreciate what George Elwood has created!!


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