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Date: 06/07/07 19:01
ALCO S2 - ATSF 2381 On The Move!!
Author: 6088

The Pacific Southwest Railway Museum ( http://psrm.org/ ) is pleased to announce that the California State Railroad Museum has agreed to donate AT&SF 2381, an ALCo S-2, to PSRM. We have completed loading the locomotive onto the donated QTTX flatcar, and it is now moving towards Campo via the UP to Stockton, BNSF to San Diego, SDIY to San Ysidro and CZRy to Campo. All of the transportation for this move has been donated by all the railroads involved. Without these corporate sponsors, we couldn’t have acquired this locomotive.

ATSF 2381 was assigned to San Diego as the yard goat here. Being local, acquisition of the locomotive was a priority for us. Rationalization of our collection is underway to emphasis local history. Our goal is to stabilize the locomotive by replacing the windows and sealing up the cab, and then to go about inventorying the loco to see what copper wires and other copper pieces need to be replaced. This could take place over a number of months or years.

If you would like to be involved in saving and preserving a piece of railroad history, we would like to encourage you to donate to the ATSF 2381 fund. We will keep all funds donated over and above what we have already spent on cables, etc. in a special fund, which will be used only for this locomotive. For donations, please go to http://psrm2381donation.kintera.org/ And make your pledge. We would also welcome your postings of locations and photos as it moves towards Campo. You may also email photos direct to us at photos@psrm.org we are happy to give appropriate photo credits if used on our website or publications.

The locomotive is scheduled to depart Sacramento this evening, Thursday June 7, 2007 and its riding on QTTX 131423.

Thank you for your interest. Thank you for any donations.

Date: 06/07/07 20:11
Re: ALCO S2 - ATSF 2381 On The Move!!
Author: Evan_Werkema

I'm more than happy to let PSRM use that picture to drum up support for restoring the engine (wish you'd asked first, though). Any pictures of the engine as it looks now? The photo shows 2381 in transit to CSRM on its own wheels in 1986, when it had one of the better paint jobs of the locomotives in the collection. I'm guessing it doesn't look so good now.

Edit: found some in this thread: http://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?1,1422377

Date: 06/07/07 20:12
Re: ALCO S2 - ATSF 2381 On The Move!!
Author: zuco74

Any word on when the loco will cross the border in Tijuana? Would love to get some photos as it moves thru town.


Date: 06/07/07 21:18
Re: ALCO S2 - ATSF 2381 On The Move!!
Author: 6088

I apologize, I thought it was well within acceptable to use photos as long as photo credits were given, and since yours has the nice photo credit on it. We do appreciate the use of your very fine photo.


No prediction yet when the locomotive will get to San Diego, much less cross into Mexico.

Date: 06/07/07 21:37
Re: ALCO S2 - ATSF 2381 On The Move!!
Author: tmengineman


Dave would have asked, and I might add he's not the kind of person to "rape" someone's photo from the internet! Your pictures are among the best at documenting historical perspectives... The museum (PSRM) is really excited to be aquiring another new piece of history, and with this excitement the museum is trying to document the movement of this piece and build some excitement to encourage support and well, your pic is one of the few showing the locomotive at it's best! I apologize on behalf of the museum for not asking first, and ask your tolerance on using this pic and drumming up said support!

I as always appreciate your incredible documentation of railroad history throughout California, even though it's not even close (as I understand) to your chosen profession! For your age you've given alot to railroading history within our state...

Tom Meatzie
Costa Mesa, CA
The "former" Carriso wanderer...

(didn't I call you Evan Workman once?? Time wounds all heals...)

Date: 06/07/07 22:02
Photos of ALCO S2 - ATSF 2381 On The Move!!
Author: espeeboy

tmengineman Wrote:
> (didn't I call you Evan Workman once?? Time wounds
> all heals...)

LOL, time heals or wounds us?

FYI, our very own CrazyRay got photos of this Santa Fe S2 move leaving SAC this morning in his thread below (scroll down past the boring unpatched Espee photo and boring derailment photos):


Date: 06/07/07 22:53
Any plans to rescue the 2394
Author: topper

The 2394 has quite a connection to Southern California, and is probably more unique than the 2381. Any word on it?

Date: 06/08/07 02:28
Re: Any plans to rescue the 2394
Author: 6088

The movement happened earlier than scheduled, it left Sacramento at 9:29 PM and arrived Roseville at 11:02pm last night. Scheduled to depart Roseville tonight (Friday).

Date: 06/08/07 08:23
Re: Any plans to rescue the 2394
Author: iliketrains

The 1950 ALCo RS-1 #2394 worked the Santa Fe Depot for many years turning trains on the wye at MCRD. This locomotive is certainly of primary interest to us here in San Diego. It has been the subject of discussions between the the museum's and we hope that someday it can return home. Meanwhile, we are excited to bring the S-2 home.

Date: 06/08/07 12:23
Re: Any plans to rescue the 2394
Author: Evan_Werkema

No problem, no harm done. I'm grateful the 2381 is going on to a better place, and I'm happy to let you use the photo. Should the 2394 make the migration too, you're welcome to use my shot of it as well (see below).

There is one other preserved Santa Fe S-2, the 2350 at the Houston Railroad Museum. There used to be three, but GGRM scrapped the 2356 a few years back. There may also still be one "in the wild." Jay Reed's Comprehensive Guide to Industrial Locomotives shows 2352 still at an elevator in Lubbock, TX, though it looked decidedly abandoned when I saw it in 1992.

Date: 06/08/07 20:33
Author: 6088

Well we got bumped off the train from Roseville to Stockton tonight, but rescheduled for tomorrow.

I will certainly keep you up to date as info comes in.

BTW, Thanks Evan for the photo and permission to use them. Yes we certainly hope the RS 1 can come to us too.


Date: 06/08/07 20:53
Author: Evan_Werkema

When is the train due out of Roseville on Saturday? May have to wander out to the valley tomorrow...

Date: 06/08/07 23:54
Author: ble692

The local from Roseville to Stockton is the LRD96. They are on duty at 4PM, and if the moons are all in alignment they should be out of Roseville around 6PM. Of course with the way the railroad runs it could just as easily be after dark. Look for a westbound at Antelope near Dobbas with 2 or 3 SD40-2's on it.

Date: 06/09/07 21:18
Author: 6088

Shows the LRD96 departed Roseville at 18:00 tonight, but has not shown it passing Keyes yet. But it is on it's way to Stockton.

Date: 06/24/07 20:15
Author: SoCalRailFan

Caught it coming through Cajon Pass this afternoon.

Dave Toussaint
Riverside, CA

Date: 06/24/07 20:47
Author: sp2353

I look forward to see the Alco S2 ATSF 2381 in San Diego.

Date: 07/01/07 19:27
Author: WastedPotential

I am happy to hear that the PSRM is getting one...

They tried really hard to get the Santa Fe Alco S2 out of the GGRM before it was scrapped. Sadly it was scrapped while the PSRRM was working through the details.

The Alco S2 is perfectly suited for their needs. It is the right size, fuel efficient, and historical...

Best of luck to all of you at the PSRM.

-Ryan Dela

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