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Date: 09/23/07 13:40
ex rio grande sd50's
Author: TPWman

I see they have been interchanged on the 24th of august.Are they in use yet?where are they now?any still in grande paint?

Date: 09/23/07 14:18
Re: ex rio grande sd50's
Author: texaswestern70mac

many were patched, but in grande paint. up purged all of thier sd50's from the roster.... all of them showed up here at centennial yard in ftw last month. our yard here seems to be the ubiquitious death bed for up engines lately. yesterday i saw a **it load of sd40-2's in the deadline at centennial. i swear it musta been 50 engines.. sad to see such a classic going by the wayside VERY fast now....

Will Hemb
Flower Mound, TX

Date: 09/23/07 14:38
Re: ex rio grande sd50's
Author: LCW

There are several in "storage" at Proviso as well, though I suspect before long they will end up being dropped off the roster (several of the SD50's were in that same "storage" line until their numebrs came up.

As the economy continues to spral into oblivion, and traffic continues to decline the final days of the SD40-2's will grow closer at a faster and faster rate.

Date: 09/23/07 15:30
Re: ex rio grande sd50's
Author: KoloradoKid

With draffic dwindling, the DRGW SD-50s were all moved off the property in one movement to another storage facility. I just can't remember where at this moment. Will do a search later and find them.


Date: 09/23/07 18:25
Re: ex rio grande sd50's
Author: LCW

lemme clairify. There WERE several SD50's (I assume Ex- D&RGW) in storage at proviso. They were pulled from that line earlier this summer and sent to North Little rock. What happend after that I have no clue.

Date: 09/23/07 21:16
Re: ex rio grande sd50's
Author: NDHolmes

All went to Metro East Industries in East St Louis, IL, if I remember right. I haven't heard if they've been cut up or will move on to a lease fleet.

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