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Date: 09/09/02 17:04
Armour Yellow/Omaha Orange
Author: huskerhank

Does anybody know the origin of the names of these colors? There used to be an Armour Meat Packing Company which was located in South Omaha, if thats any sort of a clue. And, is Omaha Orange the same color that was on the Milwaukee, Great Northern and the current BNSF schemes?
Thank you for any information.

Date: 09/09/02 19:10
Re: Armour Yellow/Omaha Orange
Author: MTMEngineer

Omaha Orange is the color used on the GN, but is not the same as that used by Milwaukee.

I believe the BNSF orange is same as GN, but not positive.

Date: 09/09/02 20:55
Re: Armour Yellow/Omaha Orange
Author: czephyr17

<I believe the BNSF orange is same as GN, but not positive.>

But I believe I read at one time that they emphatically were NOT going to call it "Omaha" orange.

Date: 09/09/02 21:44
Re: Armour Yellow/Omaha Orange

I think Omaha Orange was used on the SP Daylight trains and the PFE reefers.

Date: 09/10/02 07:43
Re: Armour Yellow/Omaha Orange
Author: parker_branch

Omaha Orange was the orange used by GN.

SP Daylight Orange was a lighter shade than Omaha Orange, as was the Reefer Orange used on PFE reefers.

Armour Yellow was the color originally used by Armour Meat Packing on their reefers, later adopted by UP in the mid 1930's.

Some have said, but I cannot confirm, that the origin of the orange tints used by PFE, SFRD and others was the use in the very early days of tinted varnish over Reefer Yellow paint, producing an orange hue, which was later continued with bonafide orange paint.

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