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Date: 01/28/09 19:21
Union Pacific Timetables
Author: kkasten

Is there anyway I can obtain a Union Pacific timetable on the internet. My son and I are going to North Platte this spring and would like to have a timetable for the trip. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Date: 01/28/09 19:49
Re: Union Pacific Timetables
Author: FriendlySP

Suggest you try http://www.altamontpress.com/

While not true railroad employee timetables they show more than enough to allow you to railfan the line.

You'll have to choose among the various timetables available depending on where you are coming from. As you probably know modern employee timetables don't contain schedules anymore.

Bob Knoll

Date: 01/28/09 20:12
Re: Union Pacific Timetables
Author: imrl

Employee timetables are generally available for employees to access on company websites. So, the general public isn't able to access them. As far as North Platte goes, I have never been there, but I would assume that you just find the tracks, sit back, and watch the parade of trains. As for the radio channels and the like, I can't really say, as I only go as far west as Marysville, KS.

Date: 01/28/09 21:14
Re: Union Pacific Timetables
Author: RustyRayls

When You are there, Don't miss the Golden Spike Tower! The view is fantastic. Another good place to watch the parade is the first road crossing at the west end of the yard. I would hit it both early morning and late afternoon.

Old Bob out in Las Vegas

Date: 01/28/09 23:46
Re: Union Pacific Timetables
Author: SD70M

Indeed, I often come over to North Platte from England, and would echo Bob's sentiments. Pre-recession, the line had approx 140 trains per day on it, and even now I would think there would be around 100 per 24 hours. So no need for a timetable, find a spot anywhere between Ofallons and Gibbon, and enjoy the action. The tower costs $6 and is certainly worth a visit. If you fancy some BNSF action too you could head East a bit to Grand Island, where the BNSF Alliance- Lincoln line crosses over the UP Council Bluffs sub. There is talk of a railfan park being constructed there.

Date: 01/29/09 07:16
Re: Union Pacific Timetables
Author: mojaveflyer

As stated above, www.altamontpress.com has ralfan timetables that covers much of the west. The one that would cover North Platte is the 'Mountain - Planes' edition which I believe is out of print. It covers from Council Bluffs west through North Platte and over Sherman Hill. Good luck!

Date: 01/29/09 13:24
Re: Union Pacific Timetables
Author: rehunn

Plus, the term "Timetable" is a misnomer, nothing (or very
little save some scheduled locals) really runs on "true"
clock time and as we all know, Any time is train time!

Date: 01/30/09 05:50
Re: Union Pacific Timetables
Author: kkasten

Hey thanks for all the suggestions guys. I know with the parade of trains I probably dont need one but just looking for frequencies and location names. Thanks again.


Date: 01/30/09 20:19
Re: Union Pacific Timetables
Author: theirishlion

kkasten check your private messages

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