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Date: 11/30/12 21:01
Dome, AZ
Author: mococomike

This is one of my favorite places to visit this time of year. The Dome Vally is about 26 miles East of Yuma. This is where the salad bowl meets Mars. You have the farmers of Salinas, CA growing lettuce crops up to the railroad the desolate martian landscape of the Dome Mountains along the other side of the tracks. This area is very easy to explore as the main road you travel along the tracks is the old Butterfield Stage Route. There are also many mining ruins, pioneer cemeteries and other stuff to check out between trains. If you find a unclaimed track there is plenty of gold you can metal detect for in the washes.

1 & 3. Many old signal bridges in the area.
2. CP Dome is where double track begins to Welleton. Its single track from Yuma to Dome.

Date: 11/30/12 21:06
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: mococomike

1. Old SP
2. Beginning of double track.
3. EB

Date: 11/30/12 21:11
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: mococomike

1. Lettuce fields in the distance.
2. Old ore loadout
3. Trains as far as the eye can see. Living in AZ I find the UP so much more enjoyable to get trackside then the BNSF's Transcon.

Date: 11/30/12 21:33
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: CLM

Beautiful shots! I have visited that area a couple of times, and I love it too.

Date: 11/30/12 21:35
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: NYC_L4a

That looks so interesting it makes me want to plan a visit there.

Date: 11/30/12 23:20
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: walstib

Me, too.

I really like the old ore load out shot.

Date: 12/01/12 00:08
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: Cjcheely


nice stuff mike

photo 1 and 2 are some old photos Dome AZ Depot from the UTU local 807 collection.

photo 3 blaisdell just down the track


Date: 12/01/12 01:42
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: gobbl3gook

Nice pics, Mike. Good to see the old SP isn't dead yet.

Ted in OR

Date: 12/01/12 04:24
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: billio

Great pics of a seldom seen stretch. Thanks for sharing...

Date: 12/01/12 06:21
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: texchief1

Nice shots!

Randy Lundgren

Date: 12/01/12 06:37
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: britchie

Thanks for posting. I am on my way to Yuma & Wellton next week so will have to check your locations out. I have been there before but didn,t spend much time trackside.

Bob Ritchie
MP 92.8, Shuswap Sub.,Chase, BC

Date: 12/01/12 07:25
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: 3rdswitch

An awesome area and one of my favorites as well. That last shot from up high looking east is great. Nice old shots of the area depots as well.

Date: 12/01/12 18:16
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: ProAmtrak

Nice pics Mike, love the old Cantiliever!

Date: 12/01/12 20:06
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: Margaret_SP_fan

Great shots! Love the old cantilever
and the searchlight signals! Glad they
are still there.

(Hey -- didja see Curiosity? j/k)

Date: 12/02/12 17:10
Re: Dome, AZ
Author: ns1000

SUPER pics!!!!!

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