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Date: 12/03/12 14:49
Gray December Days
Author: rrartist

The change of seasons from fall to winter can nothing short of depressing with the barren trees, brown grasses and of course the gray cloudy days. BUT! The trains still run regardless as shown with the passing of CP train #810 BNSF #9294 cuts through the haze and fog Sunday morning in La Crosse WI. A bit earlier BNSF train U-EAPCMG departed with the BNSF #9453 leading the charge. I gray-scaled the image to reflect the mood of the morning, dark and gray.

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Date: 12/03/12 14:58
Re: Gray December Days
Author: santafe199

Chilly! Moody! Brrr! Nice Stuff!!!


Date: 12/03/12 16:06
Re: Gray December Days
Author: chichi41

Now, if we only knew just where this photo was taken......

Date: 12/03/12 17:22
Re: Gray December Days
Author: UP9000

I think that BN 70MAC looks better in color. Brings out the mood of the weather a little better. IMHO.

Jamie Miller

Date: 12/03/12 19:21
Re: Gray December Days
Author: boltmansacto

Who cares where taken; like Lance says, it's all about the 'mood' ! Nice pics !!

Date: 12/03/12 19:22
Re: Gray December Days
Author: fredkharrison

When converting a photo to B&W, try adjusting it with the brightness, contrast and/or sharpening features in your photo editing program first. You also can experiment with enlarging your subject some and cropping your photo differently, as B&W will often balance out in another way than it would in color.

I have rescued many a photo as a B&W that was not so hot in color in this way. There is nothing really wrong with your color image, but I think you were attempting to bring out the subject better from its dark surroundings. Thanks for posting!

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Fred Harrison
Central Point, OR

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