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Date: 12/16/12 10:02
Imagine If...
Author: rrartist

It is December in the Upper Midwest, really it is, so imagine a serene setting with about 10 inches of newly fallen snow, skies crystal clear and vibrant blue. Trees and brushes laden with white powdery snow...SCCCRREEECCCHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Back to reality where the rains Saturday and this morning have washed away Winter so far, but it will change, this you can be assured of. So for now CP #270, CP #6234 and CP #2/283, INRD #9010 will have to wait and just imagine.

Date: 12/16/12 10:33
Re: Imagine If...
Author: highgreengraphics

Great stuff - How often does the INRD show up up there, and where do they terminate? If 261 runs this year, I might point a trip up in that direction... === === = === JLH

Date: 12/16/12 20:53
Re: Imagine If...
Author: kodachrome9319

Jim, 284 has the INRD's again!

Date: 12/18/12 17:22
Re: Imagine If...
Author: ns1000

NICE pics!!!!

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