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Date: 07/19/13 18:02
North Folk Branch Closed
Author: mojaveflyer

From a friend:

There was a wash out at a bridge near Roubideau around 20 miles out of Grand Junction last night around 10pm. It is estimated to take two days minimum to repair, maybe more.

As of now, all North Fork coal trains are being diverted to Energy, so the Craig Branch is really going to be busy.

As they say on the railroad, 'Be governed accordingly'...

Date: 07/19/13 18:40
Re: North Folk Branch Closed
Author: Western_Star

Is this near Delta, Colorado?

Not from the area...

Date: 07/19/13 18:43
Re: North Folk Branch Closed
Author: mojaveflyer

I believe so, I'm not real familiar with the left side of the state...

Date: 07/19/13 19:40
Re: North Folk Branch Closed
Author: NDHolmes

Roubideau siding is about two miles west of Delta, right along Sawmill Mesa Road. There's a single truss span that goes over Roubideau Creek and a dual span truss bridge that goes over the Gunnison, both to the west of the siding. Those are the only major bridges in the area, but I'm sure there's a plethora of small culverts and such. There are also a good number of small trestles further up the Gunnison Canyon, so if it's wasn't right at Roubideau, it could be one of those.

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Date: 07/19/13 20:28
Re: North Folk Branch Closed
Author: trb

From talking with some people here in Grand Junction, it sounds like the washout is well north of Roubideau. The washout area might be more easily accessed from Dominguez Canyon Road, north of Delta. It will be a quiet weekend in Grand Junction, but Sunday or Monday may be busy once they reopen the sub. If I understood things, there are two loaded trains on the North Fork.

Todd Busse

Date: 07/20/13 19:36
Re: North Folk Branch Closed
Author: gobbl3gook

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