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Date: 04/26/16 17:44
New Builds Table
Author: tomnoy3

David Casdorph was maintaining a table of all new built railcars.  I know this must be an enormous amount of work but I have not seen it updated in almost a year.  Does anyone know what happened?  Thank you

Date: 04/26/16 18:23
Re: New Builds Table
Author: Dispatcher68

He's working on it still,hopefully there will be an update soon.His health has been less than optimal lately as well which has slowed the process somewhat.


Date: 04/26/16 18:41
Re: New Builds Table
Author: tomnoy3

I was hoping that wasnt the case.  I appreciate his work and wih him the best

Date: 04/28/16 12:08
Re: New Builds Table
Author: SD90H2

Where abouts do you find it??


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