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Western Railroad Discussion > NS 911 (First Responder Tribute Unit) Travels To Texas

Date: 08/11/17 12:15
NS 911 (First Responder Tribute Unit) Travels To Texas
Author: TexBob

NS 911 (First Responder Tribute Unit) led an MAVEW ( manifest Avondale LA to Englewood Yard)
into Houston very early this morning.

My plan A was to catch it as it arrived into Houston, but as its westward progress stalled,
I ended up driving about 120 miles east to intercept the train as it departed Beaumont, TX.
It was a fitful drive, passing through several thunderstorms, not knowing whether I would
be skunked by the weather and/or rapidly approaching sunset.

To the extent I'm sharing this narrative, you might guess that everything worked out in the
end, and you'd be correct. Certainly less than perfect conditions, but todays camera equipment
makes previously unthinkable shots very achievable.

I'll post some stills shortly, but the highlight was this run-by at Ames, TX at 9:13 PM

Robert Pierce
Sugar Land, TX

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Date: 08/12/17 15:21
Re: NS 911 (First Responder Tribute Unit) Travels To Texas
Author: Lackawanna484

When a special unit like this shows up in a far away (from NS) location, do local fire and EMS agencies show up to take pictures with their apparatus, etc?

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