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Date: 10/11/18 03:07
Drone shots in North Texas
Author: KB5WK

Its been crappy weather in North Texas the last 2 weeks. Wednesday was the first day of Sunshine. And having a new toy, the DJI Mavic Pro 2 with the Hassleblad sensor. This Mavic Pro 2 photos are incredible, and way better then my Mavic Pro 1 drone. Clarity and Quality are a night and day difference from the original Mavic Pro. DJI got it right, and was a good decision to upgrade. 


1. Drove by KCS Dallas yard in the moring to catch the Metro 1 dodger switching.

2. DGNO 145 switching in Garland TX near Jupiter Road on the MKT line. I ran into Steve Barry of Railfan & RR Magazine, and Blair Kooistra shooting this scene. I told them they were tresspassing in my area without a track warrant. They were both flying their drones to. Its a drone world. OMG.

3. KCS 4019 in the siding at Plano TX. This is a frack sand train O-KCAL. KCS will deliver to the FWWR RR at Saginaw yard.

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Date: 10/11/18 06:12
Re: Drone shots in North Texas
Author: SP8595

Nice! That KCS power looks a little rough:{

Date: 10/11/18 06:34
Re: Drone shots in North Texas
Author: cozephyr

Impressive images-!  Don't get too close to those power lines-we don't want your Mavic Pro 2 drone going down.  Looking forward to more high flying images.

Bet you're sending your wonderful images to TRAINS Magazine-  ;-)

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