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Western Railroad Discussion > Riddle, OR mine spur?

Date: 12/06/18 22:48
Riddle, OR mine spur?
Author: railstiesballast

I was reading "America From The Air", a 2007  aerial guide about flying over many airline routes and came across a photo of the Hanna nickel mine at Riddle, OR.
The guide is focused on geology and geography.  They report that the nickel ore was once smeltered locally. There is a short branch or spur to the west of the old SP, now CORP main line that comes off the yard at Riddle.
As of 2007 the mine may or may not be active depending on commodity prices, and if it is active it is now exported by rail through Coos Bay for smelting overseas.
On my Google Earth, with a date of 7/15 for the photography, they have ten cars on spot in the mine complex so apparently it was active then.
I know the operation to Coos Bay is suspended due to bridge damage but has the mine at Riddle be active recently?  Is it still active?
Thanks for any information.

Date: 12/06/18 23:13
Re: Riddle, OR mine spur?
Author: TonyJ

A visit there a couple years ago revealed it has reopened, but no longer mining nickel ore. The current owner is mining the tailings for high grade silica. Somewhere I have on file the details and photos of what's there now. They did sell one of their two 44-tonners.

Date: 12/06/18 23:48
Re: Riddle, OR mine spur?
Author: up833

Green Diamond Sand

Date: 12/07/18 07:37
Re: Riddle, OR mine spur?
Author: HH

Interesting!  I'd never heard of Green Diamond Sand, or the nickel mine, and had to check it out.
With the grades and sharp curves of the rail line, it seems like it would make a dandy model railroad industry.


Date: 12/07/18 08:21
Re: Riddle, OR mine spur?
Author: jdb

I't been a long time (94)  but it seems like I was welcome to take photos.  Last year when I went by there was a locked gate or guard shack you couldn't get past.


Date: 12/07/18 13:42
Re: Riddle, OR mine spur?
Author: railstiesballast

Thank you for the answers.

Date: 12/07/18 17:17
Re: Riddle, OR mine spur?
Author: TonyJ

Here are a few photos of the locomtoives still there taken in July, 2013.

Date: 12/07/18 18:17
Re: Riddle, OR mine spur?
Author: wag

Still active shipper. Two old SP 40 foot flats in a field at Cornutt but could not find car numbers or build dates. Last cots in the 70's. Friction bearings. Was going to ask the knowledgable folks here when the last 40 foot flat cars were built for SP. Might tell us the age of those museum pieces. Wag.

Date: 12/08/18 09:07
Re: Riddle, OR mine spur?
Author: TonyJ

Speaking of ancient flatcars there is one at the Riddle mine. Here's a couple of images. - Tony J.

Date: 12/08/18 15:18
Re: Riddle, OR mine spur?
Author: shortlineboss

We used to buy Green Diamond sand for our locomotives.

Mike Root
Snowflake, AZ

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