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Date: 01/09/19 11:49
Texas derail ...UP
Author: DKay

My early morning news down here in Australia just  had some video of a derail somewhere in Texas.Showed a good number of empty hoppers piled up against some houses adjacent to the tracks.Looked like there may have been some power off the rails also.No injuries reported.
Anyone with further deatils.

Date: 01/09/19 11:55
Re: Texas derail ...UP
Author: trainjunkie

Precision Scheduled...oh, never mind.

Date: 01/09/19 12:06
Re: Texas derail ...UP
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Aubrey, Tex. on the Choctaw Sub, just north of my old stomping grounds in Argyle.
Fairly busy  ex T&P/MKt joint track.

i believe story at www.nbcdfw.com

Date: 01/09/19 12:20
Re: Texas derail ...UP
Author: DKay

WrongWayMurphy Wrote:
> Aubrey, Tex. on the Choctaw Sub, just north of my
> old stomping grounds in Argyle.
> Fairly busy  ex T&P/MKt joint track.
> i believe story at www.nbcdfw.com

Thanks Shane.Neat old Mopac hopper in amongst the mess.

Date: 01/09/19 12:43
Re: Texas derail ...UP
Author: funnelfan

Looks like it derailed on the switch to the industry siding there. The guy that had the derailment in his backyard has a nice collection of 60-70's cars.


Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

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Date: 01/09/19 13:18
Re: Texas derail ...UP
Author: MNNRfan

trainjunkie Wrote:
> Precision Scheduled...oh, never mind.

It is Precision Scheduled Railroading!
That train was scheduled, by management, to derail at that precise
Spot at that precise time.

Hats off to management for doing such a great job and bringing excitement to the trackside residents!

Posted from Android

Date: 01/09/19 13:34
Re: Texas derail ...UP
Author: WrongWayMurphy

Like most men in Denton County, the guy interviewed was probably really
ticked off ...... not that the train derailed almost into his house but that it interrupted
his shop work.

Date: 01/09/19 13:51
Re: Texas derail ...UP
Author: HH

funnelfan Wrote:
> https://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Train-Derails-in-Aubrey-504105341.html

Thanks for the link, Ted.  There are some great drone shots there, with some very close up.
Although the railcars may not have actually hit the shed attached to the garage, it appears that some of the debris DID.  
Check out photo 9: it appears at least two walls of the shed have shifted and separated, with a chunk of siding broken off at the bottom.


Date: 01/09/19 18:15
Re: Texas derail ...UP
Author: Hookdragkick

Looks like the fence is down. It's a Heritage fleet derailment, rare catch.

Date: 01/09/19 18:16
Re: Texas derail ...UP
Author: dsrc512

Was there distributed power pushing from the rear on this train?  Looking at the series of photos, some taken with a drone by the TV crew, the leading/trailing unit is on the rails, the second unit has the end coupled to an empty flat derailed which is off the rails to one side and the next two cars, empty centerbeams are on the rails or very close to it.  Beyond the centerbeams are empty coal hoppers that are off the track and to various degrees crosswise.
Alex Huff     

Date: 01/09/19 19:02
Re: Texas derail ...UP
Author: funnelfan

BTW, it looks like this guy had two Mercury Comets and a Mercury Cougar and a Jeep Wranger behind the pickup truck.

Ted Curphey
Cheney, WA

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