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Date: 02/10/19 18:16
Some Stillwater Central Action
Author: BNSF-6432

After refereeing a couple basketball games Saturday morning I figured I'd see what was happening around downtown Tulsa, OK as I was in the area. It turned out to be a busy day for BNSF with trains coming off the Avard Sub and Cherokee Sub along with several waiting to leave Tulsa. Thrown into that mix was Stillwater Central's southbound heading for Oklahoma City.

1) WAMX 4150 leads the train off of SKOL trackage and onto the BNSF at CP Urban. The sign beside the second unit marks the end of WATCO maintenance.

2) Right behind the TULMEM was an eastbound Q blasting through town as the SD40's pull off the connection.

3) Being as they weren't in any hurry through downtown, I easily made it to the pedestrian/trail bridge near the Arkansas River. Here they are coming through East Cherokee where they crossovered from main 1 to 2 in order to use the bypass and change crews.

Taken 2/9/19

Date: 02/10/19 21:07
Re: Some Stillwater Central Action
Author: SCKP187

Cool to see all those standard cabs---#3 is a nice location to shoot. Nice shots.
Brian Stevens

Date: 02/10/19 21:32
Re: Some Stillwater Central Action
Author: dan

appreciate the views

Date: 02/11/19 09:15
Re: Some Stillwater Central Action
Author: SP8595

Man, what a consist! Great catch and shots!

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