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Western Railroad Discussion > Update on locomotive M & R at OERM (SCRM) 2/9/19

Date: 02/11/19 19:42
Update on locomotive M & R at OERM (SCRM) 2/9/19
Author: TomPlatten

After our failed attempt to change out  the belts  for the air compressor and exciter generator we buttoned up the SP S-4 1474 and placed it back in service. It was the operations locomotive this past weekend.
Next, Taka and I finished inspecting and replacing the injector on ex-U S Army RSD(M)-1 # 1975. It was time to start it! We got one cylinder to fire at first. Once the locomotive had started we noticed white smoke coming from the stack which indicated unburned fuel. Dave was unsatisfied with that situation. The 1975 has always been a "cranky" runner. Next, we will send four of our Alco fuel pump out to be refurbished in hopes of smoothing out the prime mover. In additon we noted another of the brake cylinders has a slight air leak which needs to be repaired. We are determined to get this locomotive straightened out so it will run properly,.
Despite these observations, we used the 1975 to push the 1956 into the carbarn so we can remove the expansion tank for repair. It has developed a number of holes so it needs to be sealed or replaced. It was removed years ago for the same reason. At that time Dave carefully cut a hole in the hood and made a cover which could be bolted down in case the tank needed to be repaired again. If he had not done that, we would have had to remove the central portion the of hood. That would have lengthened the amount of time for the repair!.
Frank continued preparing the SP 1006 for eventual starting and testing by reconnecting all of the piston cooling supply lines. As you can see from the photo reattaching the supply lines has to be done in tight quarters.

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Date: 02/11/19 20:22
Re: Update on locomotive M & R at OERM (SCRM) 2/9/19
Author: dieselman

Tks for the update Tom lots of work ahead. Dieselman

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Date: 02/12/19 09:42
Re: Update on locomotive M & R at OERM (SCRM) 2/9/19
Author: Josta

Thank you for posting this and the pictures, Tom.  I, and I am sure many others especially in Southern California, follow your posts closely!

John Acosta
Big Bear Lake, CA

Date: 02/12/19 14:16
Re: Update on locomotive M & R at OERM (SCRM) 2/9/19
Author: TomPlatten

IMHO other museums around the country should file updates on their activities! It doesn't have to weekly but  often enough to keep interested TO members informed of their member's efforts to operate and maintain their equipment!

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