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Date: 03/14/19 17:39
Some Kyle From 2016
Author: nwkrailfan

While in search of some photographs hidden on my hard drive, I came across a file from November 21st, 2016. In it was a chase from Norton to Phillipsburg on the old Rock Island mainline. Why these photos were not edited back in 2016 is the biggest question! Maybe it was the gray dreary day, maybe it was the fact the 3099 was leading and not one of the trailing SP painted SD45T-2's? Who knows at this point! Either way, they were worth a look and figured those in TO-land would like to see them as well.

1) Kyle 3099 rolls around a curve and under the Kansas 383 underpass at Almena, Kansas.
2) East of Almena now, the train rolls across an arch culvert as it continues east towards Phillipsburg.
3) The sound of four roaring 20 cylinder 645's fill the air as the 130+ car train starts up Almena Hill.


Date: 03/14/19 17:42
Re: Some Kyle From 2016
Author: nwkrailfan

4) The train rolls across County Road West 1400 on another arch culvert nearing Praire View, Kansas.
5) Adhering to the 10 MPH track speed 3099 rolls into Praire View, passing the old Rock depot turned CO-OP grain elevator office.
6) Leaning into the curve on the east side of Praire View, the four SD45T-2's have Phillipsburg in their sight, but will not be there for another hour and a half. 

All photos taken November 21st, 2016.

Thanks for looking!

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Date: 03/14/19 17:44
Re: Some Kyle From 2016
Author: SD45X


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Date: 03/14/19 17:53
Re: Some Kyle From 2016
Author: callum_out

Of all the times I went through Almena I never saw a train, especially on the other side.


Date: 03/14/19 18:00
Re: Some Kyle From 2016
Author: mg8711

Neat! I think we're both guilty of catching something interesting and not really positing it...

Date: 03/14/19 19:58
Re: Some Kyle From 2016
Author: Searchlight

These photos are great, thank you for sharing. Clean ‘45T-2s, jointed rail, 130 car trains. Lots of character on this line.

Date: 03/15/19 05:47
Re: Some Kyle From 2016
Author: ns1000

My favorite is Pic 3!!

Date: 03/15/19 08:39
Re: Some Kyle From 2016
Author: SCKP187

Nice treasure find of tunnel motors Luke.  Really like the b/w going away.
Brian Stevens

Date: 03/15/19 09:14
Re: Some Kyle From 2016
Author: santafe199

Good to see your latest! I wuz beginning to wonder if you were still fanning... ;^)

(chuckling) Lance

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