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Western Railroad Discussion > Taming The Tiger: BNSF Cherokee Sub

Date: 08/13/19 19:01
Taming The Tiger: BNSF Cherokee Sub
Author: ATSF5669

Our son and wife bought sixty acres in Catoosa OK and invited Phyllis and I to move out there with them and build our retirement home.  That's a hard deal to refuse!  Being located where they are means I now have the opportunity to drive to and from Catoosa to work along the Cherokee Sub mainline, another hard deal to refuse.  Phyllis has rejoined the ranks of railfan widows.  Seeing a train lined west into Tiger on the drive home this afternoon I shot her a quick text saying I was trackside shooting a train and would be a little late getting home.  She shot me back a text saying "I guess I know where I stand!"  I shot her back a text saying "B as in BNSF occurs in the alphabet before P as in Phyllis Palmer..." Railfanning first, wife second!  Amazingly she greeted me with a smile and a hug rather than a shotgun or divorce decree...
Pic 1 is the UVPKPUX; Pic 2 is the 467 local and Pic 3 is the QATGLAC.  We lived at the crossing where this was shot but this pic was impossible because the rock wall I'm standing on wasn't built yet.  Nice place for a 600mm!

Date: 08/13/19 19:08
Re: Taming The Tiger: BNSF Cherokee Sub
Author: ATSF5669

Pic 4 is the QMEMRIC roaring upgrade out of the Verdigris River vallet towards the East switch at Tiger.
Pic 5 the local railfan geek/nerd built a depot to house his soon to be built model railroad . Nice job Marc!!!
Pic 6 an eastbound blasts the Catoosa silence blowing past Marc's depot.

Date: 08/13/19 19:57
Re: Taming The Tiger: BNSF Cherokee Sub
Author: santafe199

Nice! I'm loving #4 with that 'just-above-the-railhead' angle. Very interesting...


Date: 08/14/19 17:23
Re: Taming The Tiger: BNSF Cherokee Sub
Author: bobk

Nice shots!

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