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Western Railroad Discussion > Roaming around with film.

Date: 09/09/19 17:28
Roaming around with film.
Author: lilwes

Went out for a while last week to see what I could find.  Only took the B&W Nikon and got the film developed yesterday.  They look pretty good but room for improvement.  First 2 were taken 2 miles east of Grantville, KS. and # 3 was taken in the BNSF Topeka yard.
Thanks for looking, Wes

Wes Chiles
Topeka, KS

Date: 09/09/19 18:21
Re: Roaming around with film.
Author: icancmp193

Very nice! What is this film thing you speak of? <<humor>>


Date: 09/09/19 18:39
Re: Roaming around with film.
Author: santafe199

icancmp193 Wrote: > ... What is this  **film**  thing ...

Can you pronounce that for me? I'm having a bit o' trouble...


Date: 09/09/19 19:41
Re: Roaming around with film.
Author: SCKP187

Nice photos Wes.  A shot near Grantville without the bridge has got to be a rare moment.
Brian Stevens

Date: 09/11/19 19:45
Re: Roaming around with film.
Author: fbe


Things are looking pretty good. Are you scanning a print or the negative?

You can change the contrast levels of the scans and bring down a mask from the top to the bottom of the sky set to reduce the exposure to darken the sky and highlight the clouds.

Have fun with the new toys of digital processing of scanned analog media.


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