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Date: 12/02/19 20:56
Santa Fe Jxn (Kansas City) question
Author: jofegan

Looking for someone familiar with Kansas City traffic patterns to explain movements over the two level bridge over the Kansas River (?Highline bridge).

Traffic headed from the UP east into Kansas City on the upper level seems straightforward - heading over to KCT and places east.
How about traffic headed from UP going east on the lower level?  A lot of it seems to turn northeast to head up to UP trackage and yards along the Missouri River, but why wouldn't such traffic use the UP bridges a few miles north (visible on the "other" Kansas City webcam)?

Finally, there is a third UP bridge farther north on the Kansas River, closer to the confluence with the Missouri River - is that used for local traffic?

Thanks for your help with this - KC traffic in this area is understandably complex and any help deciphering it would be welcome.


Date: 12/03/19 17:25
Re: Santa Fe Jxn (Kansas City) question
Author: mammothlacrosse

Date: 12/04/19 17:28
Re: Santa Fe Jxn (Kansas City) question
Author: KCFAN

Info on KC UP traffic.

Going east the traffic on the high line is coming from 18th St. and Armourdal yards in KCKS. The lower trains are heading from same location.The UP has 2 lines going east. First Lake City Sub, High line trains.
The other line is the Sedalia Sub heading through Independence and Lee's Summit. These two lines have directional running. Lake City Sub is used for all eastbound UP trains. The Sedalia subs hosts westbound trains.

Some trains coming north on KCS, Mostly joint KCS/CSXT stack-trains turn and use lower line to connect with former GM&O/GWWR line to St.Louis.

BNSF trains use the high line for all trains in either direction.


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