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Date: 01/08/20 23:27
Ojita Semaphore
Author: dtoeppen

Just your basic semaphore shot. Fuji Velvia 50 4 x 5.

Date: 01/09/20 04:49
Re: Ojita Semaphore
Author: lilwes

Great shot with a 4x5.  Where do you get your 4x5 slide film developed or do you do it yourself?  I'm planning to hit the road this coming spring and summer with nothing but a 35mm and a 4x5.
Thanks for the shot, Wees

Wes Chiles
Topeka, KS

Date: 01/09/20 07:08
Re: Ojita Semaphore
Author: dtoeppen

Bhphoto.com sells Velvia 100 and Provia 100F, as well as reincarnated Kodak E100 (Ektachrome). Fuji prices shot up 30% last spring. A pack of 20 used to be $50, then $70, now $100. The Ojita shot is on Velvia 50, which is what I prefer for trains because it's just dripping with color (although this particular picture is maybe a bit too drippy). That is not available in US. I get mine from japanexposures.com. They're very nice people. Don't forget to post some of your shots here :-)

Edit: Oh, you asked about developing. Sorry... I send them to Denver Digital Imaging on Alameda. They do consistenly excellent work and they turn stuff around *fast* -- usually same day. Stuff that they have in the morning seems to consistently go out afternoon same day. That's pretty remarkable. Many labs aren't running daily anymore. 

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Date: 01/09/20 11:10
Re: Ojita Semaphore
Author: BobP

I like that.

Date: 01/09/20 19:04
Re: Ojita Semaphore
Author: Prophoto

That was worth a sheet of 4x5 film!

Date: 01/11/20 08:14
Re: Ojita Semaphore
Author: jmcmillan118

What made you choose the signal at WSS at Ojita? That's not an easy semaphore to get to. There are many others in the area that are much easier to photograph.

Joe McMillan

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