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Date: 03/26/20 07:05
Social Distancing Saturday
Author: twjurgens

Last Saturday was a bright sunny day, too nice to stay inside all day.  Social distancing can be practiced in the confines of the Explorer as well as in the house so a solo trip seemed in order!  As mentioned in a previous post, there was a spot on the southeast edge of Fremont, NE that I'd wanted to try as a photo location.  So, about midday, off I went.

Didn't see anything between Lincoln and Ashland.  The trip along the Sioux City line between Ashland and Fremont was uneventful as well.When I got to Fremont, the first train was an OMAX (Omaha Public Power) coal load powered by UP 7932 (first pic).  They had stopped this train about 2 miles east of Fremont for some unknown to me reason so I headed back to Fremont.

uck was with me as BNSF 6715 and 8278 were going through town with a grain train (pics 2 - 4).  I had to really hump and hope for a break with traffic to get to the location I wanted.  No traffic laws were broken (maybe fractured a bit) and I got into position with little time to spare.  I'll try this again sometime from a little different angle and hopefully a little more time to get ready.  (more)

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Date: 03/26/20 07:07
Re: Social Distancing Saturday
Author: twjurgens

DPU on that grainer was 6396 (4th pic).

Next, was UP 2616 and 5675 (5th pic) with a westbound grain load at a favorite photo location on the west edge of Fremont (5th pic).  I don't think that elevator gets grain cars any longer even though there is a switch off the UP main and a small yard there.  Surprisingly, there was no DPU on this relatively long train!

Next was a light engine move on the BNSF in Fremont.  According to scanner talk, 6521, 6775, and 7823 would go to Papa Siding on the north side of Fremont to assemble a grain train (6th pic). (more)

Date: 03/26/20 07:09
Re: Social Distancing Saturday
Author: twjurgens

The next two shots were of eastbounds at Mercer which is midway between Fremont and Valley.  First was a mixed freight with UP 5907, 4433, 7354, 7398, 6862, and 6295 on the head end.  Some of those may not have been running but I've never been able to tell which ones in the short time that it takes them to pass.  The next train was another mixed freight powered by 5693, 6264, and 5381. (more)

Date: 03/26/20 07:11
Re: Social Distancing Saturday
Author: twjurgens

I retraced my earlier route going back to Lincoln.  Between Leshara and Yutan, BNSF 7813 and 5425 were leading a northbound tank train.  The tanks had build dates of 12/2019 and hazmat placards of 1267 (crude oil).  With the recent build date, this may have been the first trip for these cars.  Bright, shiny paint and rust on the wheels indicate little use which further supports the first trip theory.  DPU was CP 8003. Even though social distancing prohibited the usual stop at the almost everywhere Casey's for a slice of pizza and a Pepsi, it was a good trip.  A trip thru the Runza drive thru at Fremont for a couple of chicken strips and a Pepsi were an adequate substitute for the Casey’s lunch on this trip. 

Date: 03/26/20 08:18
Re: Social Distancing Saturday
Author: Gonut1

Thanks for burning so many pixels and sharing.

Date: 03/26/20 08:40
Re: Social Distancing Saturday
Author: UP951West

Enjoyed your Nebraska slide show . Thanks for sharing. --Kelly

Date: 03/26/20 10:02
Re: Social Distancing Saturday
Author: texchief1

Nice shots!

Randy Lundgren
Elgin, TX

Date: 03/26/20 10:55
Re: Social Distancing Saturday
Author: Ritzville

Very NICE series!


Date: 03/26/20 15:17
Re: Social Distancing Saturday
Author: bobk

Great series!

Date: 03/26/20 20:08
Re: Social Distancing Saturday
Author: SCKP187

All nice shots.  Good use of time as long as you keep distances.
Brian Stevens

Date: 03/27/20 07:00
Re: Social Distancing Saturday
Author: bmarti7

Nice pics Tom-glad you could get out on such a nice day. The southbound train, with the gray hoppers, is carrying ethanol plant residue to Mexico for animal feed. The northbound tanks were a U-SAPNOY, headed to Canada. Interesting that you caught two international trains. Stay safe.


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Date: 03/27/20 11:39
Re: Social Distancing Saturday
Author: millerdc

Does BNSF hand off the Mexican trains at El Paso?

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