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Date: 05/18/20 18:31
BNSF baretable . . .
Author: 3rdswitch

.   .   .  while returning the grand girls to their home in MS, westbound BNSF baretable train taking the curve about to pass under US HWY 287 a few miles west of Childress, TX, on former FWD trackage. Always hoped to catch a train at this location on my many trips between home in CO and the grand girls in MS. NORMALLY, baretable trains of late have been well cars but this one was entirely spine cars? A bit unusual?

Date: 05/18/20 19:08
Re: BNSF baretable . . .
Author: texchief1

Excellent shot, JB!
Randy Lundgren

Date: 05/19/20 02:51
Re: BNSF baretable . . .
Author: jgilmore

Good shot at a good location. I've entertained the same thought driving to CO from DFW several times, but it was always in the summer and we were in a rush on the way to get there to cool down and usually too tired or indifferent on the way home to stop and wait...


Date: 05/19/20 13:30
Re: BNSF baretable . . .
Author: bmarti7

That's a great shot - have driven past that spot many times but never when there's been a train. The low sun angle really makes it.

Date: 05/19/20 13:34
Re: BNSF baretable . . .
Author: ns1000

Spine cars have got some age on them and intermodal is gearing more towards COFC.

Date: 05/20/20 02:14
Re: BNSF baretable . . .
Author: Hookdragkick

I haven't seen a pig-baretable in quite some time!

Date: 05/20/20 09:45
Re: BNSF baretable . . .
Author: Milw_E70

Not too many pure repo spine moves these days, train was comboed with a Q MEMLAC at Pedernal, NM.

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