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Date: 05/20/20 21:23
Greetings from New Mexico - WIsh You Were Here
Author: dtoeppen

1) A trestle I "discovered" NW of San Jon and no doubt on line to Tucumcari. 

2) Levy semaphores still live. I didn't see any new bases or signals, but then again, it was dark. The shiny new box is very fancy. There was massive ground disturbance. It looks as if whatever line they put in parallelling the tracks was placed with a backhoe all the way. EDIT: Correction, they're using the mother of all ditch witches.

3) 706.1/706.2 going about their business. I think the 2001 galvanized open frame base is still there, sitting to the left of 706.2 (the right signal).

It appears there will be opportunities to visit with these signals for awhile yet. But don't wait too long. I think I'll come back and shoot these.

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Date: 05/21/20 08:31
Re: Greetings from New Mexico - WIsh You Were Here
Author: dtoeppen

The road to Wagon Mound crossed the Canadian River in quite a dramatic way about 10 min east of Wagon Mound. I'd like to drive that road in daytime. There is a LOT of wildlife there. I had to take the last 15+ miles slow. I saw:

- A bear cub. I had to slam on the brakes to not hit him. The little fellow understood the danger and hauled ass off the road. Took a straight line to the edge.
- Deer. They didn't have as effective a plan as the bear. They sort of bumped into each other trying to figure out which way to go.
- Elk. They decided that the safest way to proceed was to move from the side they were on, where they were not really in harm's way, to the other side of the road, crossing in front of me slowly, as if to say, this is our road and we want to make sure you know it.
- Jackrabbits. These guys are dumb. There were a bunch of them. Instead of heading straight for the edge of the road, they ran along the road, zigging and zagging. A few of them wound up vectored off the road, but mostly by accident. One ran ahead of me zigging and zagging his ass off for maybe 30 seconds. Honking didn't make him exit the road, it made him jump vertically and continue on. Eventually, he zagged so hard that he slipped off the edge of the road. What a dumb bunny. I hope he learned that zigging and zagging doesn't work with car predators.

Super_C Wrote:
> Your "discovered" trestle is the former Rock
> Island bridge over the Canadian River at Logan, NM

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