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Western Railroad Discussion > Putting 3415 away 'til next time

Date: 07/04/20 21:43
Putting 3415 away 'til next time
Author: santafe199

I missed my special friend, the Abilene & Smoky Valley 4-6-2 live steam engine all of last year. This year I’ve covered runs 2 days in a row, and virtually never got out of my rig. I covered the morning run yesterday (3rd). And for a change of pace I covered the afternoon run today. I’ve been chasing my good friend here for 10 years now. And it just never gets old.

In keeping with an un-official tradition of posting images in no particular order with regard to series chronology, here’s my 4th-to-last shot of the day. Backing gingerly into its regular stall the 3415 seems to swallow up all light. This thread wasn’t intended to be another Low Light thing. But my friend Don (LLD) will probably see it that way anyhow. I remain unconcerned, because our good man PhotoBob says Don probably can’t see this image…

1. A&SV 3415, the ex-Santa Fe 4-6-2 backs gently into its stall in the SW corner of Abilene, KS on July 4, 2020.

Happy B-day, America!
Lance Garrels

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Date: 07/04/20 22:22
Re: Putting 3415 away 'til next time
Author: DonWinslow

Very nice shot.

Don Winslow
Glendora, CA

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