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Date: 07/05/20 17:02
Nice to see old Friends
Author: King_Coal

A long time friend from California was visiting relatives in Iowa so we decided to get together for a little socially distanced chit-chat on July 2 in Missouri Valley Iowa. Turned out to be a lovely, if not a little hot & humid day with some nice UP action.

1) The day started with a promising catch. Here's UP 8179 leading an eastbound grain empty at Crescent IA. The Omaha skyline is in the background.
2) The action had already started at Missouri Valley as a mid-train DPU equipped MNPPR-01 was coming off the wye from Council Bluffs onto the Boone Sub. The train is lead by UP 7640.
3) Next train was MSXCB coming off the Sioux CIty Sub heading to Council Bluffs. We caught that on the wye heading south with UP 7445 leading.


Date: 07/05/20 17:15
Re: Nice to see old Friends
Author: King_Coal

4) UP was moving empty multilevels east to the CP on this ANPCPR (repo) lead by UP 8038. This train made a long stop to change crews at the Missouri Valley depot. The sun was moving to favour westbounds by this time.
5) MCBSS came quickly afterwards but I bobbled the photo with it heading out of the sun. UP 8237 lead this train.
6) Naturally the MCBSS was slow enough to block the westbound DP equipped MCHNP we had set up for. I caught the single lead engine, UP 7607 as the MCBSS slid by.

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Date: 07/05/20 17:22
Re: Nice to see old Friends
Author: King_Coal

More action was in store.

7, 8 & 9) IG2NP was close on MCHNP's tail. We repositioned further west and waited  for the crew change (considerably quicker than the ANPCPR). UP 8353 was leading the six engines on this westbound intermodal. It was nice to see the snappy crew change accompanied by a fleet footed departure as it headed west onto the Blair Sub.

Date: 07/05/20 17:27
Re: Nice to see old Friends
Author: mojaveflyer

Nice series! It's always good to have some results when you're out in the heat and humidity....

James Nelson
Thornton, CO

Date: 07/05/20 17:29
Re: Nice to see old Friends
Author: King_Coal

By that time my friend had to say goodbye. there were a few more trains to see before I headed back to Nebraska (not so far from Missouri Valley.)

10) MHOSS 30 lead by UP 8650 headed up the from Council Bluffs and around the wye heading towards Sioux City and St Paul. I caught it just west of Mo Valley at California Junction.
11 & 12) CBTWS9 had some trouble following the MHOSS. It finally showed up at S Missouri Valley but stopped again before leaving town with some sort of mechanical problem with the DP.

Date: 07/05/20 17:35
Re: Nice to see old Friends
Author: King_Coal

Last volley!

13) CBTWS9 stopped the rear of it's train by the depot at Mo Valley for a little mechanical attention to the DP. The dispatcher told the following MNPAH-02 that they would run around the disabled coal train.
14 & 15) MNPAH-02 lead by UP 8604 headed down the #1 main connection at South Missouri Valley to pass the disabled coal train. Time to head home.

A pretty good day in the sun with my friend.

Thanks for looking.



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Date: 07/05/20 18:15
Re: Nice to see old Friends
Author: bmarti7

Nice collection-really like no.1 with the Omaha skyline.


Date: 07/05/20 19:30
Re: Nice to see old Friends
Author: callum_out

Nice variety, I like #1 because it's close to the ski lift.


Date: 07/05/20 19:37
Re: Nice to see old Friends
Author: SCKP187

Great bunch of shots to cover the day.  #1 really came out nice----I've seen that dirt road traffice in #1 create so much dust to ruin a photo op for several minutes in the past.
Brian Stevens

Date: 07/05/20 23:40
Re: Nice to see old Friends
Author: Ritzville

Really NICE series!


Date: 07/06/20 09:41
Re: Nice to see old Friends
Author: texchief1

Really like the 8353 shots!

Randy Lundgren
Elgin, Tx

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