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Western Railroad Discussion > Semaphore of the Day: Shave and a Haircut 3 Locos

Date: 07/06/20 06:07
Semaphore of the Day: Shave and a Haircut 3 Locos
Author: rgzfan

Signal 717 7/5/20 train #3.

Engineer blows shave and a haircut, two bits.

Video runs out before project is completed. Final blade move not shown in video is recorded on film.

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Date: 07/06/20 07:18
Re: Semaphore of the Day: 717 Shave and a Haircut 3 Locos
Author: bruce_e

I really enjoy these videos.
I also appreciate the detail you're capturing of their aspects and operations. In trips to NM, I couldn't put in the time you have to watching them "do their thing." And, from on board the train, the signals just flash by - you're lucky to get to see just a few of them - and they're gone before they can complete the cycle. Finally, the fact that you're documenting how they relate to other signals miles away is interesting and valuable information.
Thanks for producing them!

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