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Western Railroad Discussion > Rural paradise?

Date: 07/31/20 18:10
Rural paradise?
Author: santafe199

This is one of those idyllic country lanes that will take a traveler to a very nice little rural spread, nestled inside 3 sides of the tree-lined confluence of 2 small Kansas creeks. The Google Maps satellite view shows a handsome piece of property. And it’s just north of the small town of Emmett, which is itself a mere 7 miles away from the larger town of St Marys where 98% of grocery & hardware shopping needs can be met. And even with the RR close by, the nearest live, horn-honk crossing is about 1500 ft away on the other side of the KS hwy 63 overpass embankment. Rural Paradise, right?

But… as noted, the UP is quite literally in the middle of this picture. And it turns out this idyllic lane has no official “back door”. That is to say there’s no other roadway out should Uncle Pete have some kind of rolling snafu right here. I would suppose in the event of a UP derailment blocking this lane the residents might have some sort of road access through their field to get clear around to the east of town to reach roadway civilization at the aptly named Barnyard Road. Even if they have to pile onto the good ol’ family tractor…

1. UP 7789 leads a train of loaded coal buckets on a SE angle through the north side of Emmett, KS on July 28, 2020. Dumpling clouds a-plenty, and P-shop to take care of the shadows…

Thanks for looking!
Lance Garrels

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Date: 07/31/20 18:15
Re: Rural paradise?
Author: Ritzville

A very NICE rural shot of the UP!


Date: 07/31/20 18:19
Re: Rural paradise?
Author: DKay

Just beautiful Lance.A little slice of heaven for sure.

Date: 07/31/20 18:48
Re: Rural paradise?
Author: hartrick24

Awesome shot, I love it...

Steve H...

Date: 08/01/20 07:35
Re: Rural paradise?
Author: SP8595

Great rural scene! This is why I am retiring in Missouri:}

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