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Date: 08/02/20 20:39
I nailed that yellow thang!
Author: santafe199

Thanks to a hot tip & several follow-up text msgs I was able to peel this cool looking, really long banana out in the boonies between Durham & Tampa on the ex-Rock Island GSR. The train is sitting over night in Herington (as I type), and is slated for an 0630 departure. It will run Topeka-Lawrence-KC-Leavenworth-Hiawatha-Falls City on its way home to Fox Park in Council Bluffs. But Uncle Pete has crossed me up more than once before. I intend to start my chase somewhere down on the GSR at the crack of dawn, and hope it didn’t get out of Herington around 0430, like last time…

1. UP 4222 leads a 10-car biz special in this 18mm broadside from rural Indigo Rd southwest of Tampa, KS.
Photo date: August 2, 2020 (more to come from this sequence)

Thanks for tip ~ text assistance!
Lance Garrels

Date: 08/02/20 22:30
Re: I nailed that yellow thang!
Author: Ritzville

NICE catch Lance!!


Date: 08/03/20 03:56
Re: I nailed that yellow thang!
Author: robj

Hard to get theat open of a view.  Nice.


Date: 08/03/20 04:42
Re: I nailed that yellow thang!
Author: santafe199

Thanks Bob! It was kinda sorta necessary to shoot it this way. For late afternoon/early evening sunlight on EB trains the track runs at a sharp SSW to NNE angle here just off the almost parallel Indigo Rd. Next time this opportunity arises I think I’ll come down a little earlier and ask permission from the landowner so I can drive down to the track through his field ...

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(sitting at Snokomo Rd E of Paxico KS)

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