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Date: 08/04/20 13:03
Socially Distanced Railfanning
Author: twjurgens

My trusty Nikon 5200 developed some serious shutter ailments recently.  A new camera wasn't in our current plans but would have been inevitable within the next 2 - 3 years.

Good friend santafe199 had been chasing the UP engineering special on the Falls City sub and continued on in to Nebraska.  He called and wondered if we could meet up for a visit and some socially distanced railfanning.  A good chance to try out the new investment!  

I met him in Tecumseh, some 50 or so miles southeast of Lincoln, NE on the St. Joe sub where we visited while waiting for almost non-existent trains.  A track gang was working on a crossing on the west side of Tecumseh and a tie gang was working further north.  

As we expected, once the track gangs knocked off for the day, trains started moving.  As we were about to depart, BNSF 5512 and 6818 showed up with a southbound mixed freight.  

We waited around a little longer but with no results so I headed back home.  I saw 2 more trains south of Firth.  Couldn't get in to position in time for the first but caught BNSF 7386 and 8382 with another southbound mixed freight (mostly tanks).


Date: 08/04/20 13:11
Re: Socially Distanced Railfanning
Author: santafe199

Nice! All I did was get Mooned...


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Date: 08/04/20 17:23
Re: Socially Distanced Railfanning
Author: SCKP187

Nice shots—impressive clear atmosphere and light
Brian Stevens

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