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Date: 10/17/20 20:28
Smoke from a distant fire
Author: santafe199

Some of you will recognize my thread title as the title of a Top-10, one-time hit* from the summer of 1977. But beyond this scene evoking the song title from my musical memory banks, its lyrics bear no connection or comparison. I had just shot a series of approach shots from a private farm road crossing and was edging back toward US 24. But with the sun suddenly breaking out, combining with an unexpected effect from a field being harvested just south of the track I had to grab another shot. And the song title just burst forth. An extraordinarily lucky combination of right time & right place for a few fleeting seconds…

1. UP 1141 leads a handful of cars west about ¼ mile east of Airport Rd about 4½ hours ago. This is the local train “TPTP”, taken from just off of US hwy 24 east of Wamego, KS.
Photo date is October 17, 2020.

Thanks for looking!
Lance Garrels

*In the summer of 1977 the Sanford-Townsend Band entered the record books as the latest one-hit-wonder band with the tune “Smoke From a Distant Fire”. It cracked the Top-10, peaking at #9 during its 12 weeks on Billboard’s Top-40 chart… DJ Sir L

Date: 10/17/20 20:54
Re: Smoke from a distant fire
Author: misty1

Awesome Lance


Date: 10/17/20 22:25
Re: Smoke from a distant fire
Author: photobob

Beautiful Lance.

Robert Morris
Dunsmuir, CA
Robert Morris Photography

Date: 10/17/20 23:04
Re: Smoke from a distant fire
Author: Ritzville

Excellent shot with the smoke and sun.


Date: 10/18/20 09:49
Re: Smoke from a distant fire
Author: texchief1

Like this one!

RC Lundgren

Date: 10/18/20 18:10
Re: Smoke from a distant fire
Author: bobk

Fantastic shot!

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