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Date: 10/26/20 12:30
Let it snow, let it snow
Author: ns2557

Let it snow. Or so they say in the song. Personally I only like the first snowfalls of the year, after that I'm done with the white stuff. But it does provide some opportunities to get out and take a shot or 2 if one wants to venture forth. I took my chances with my fellow drivers out on the roads this morning/mid-day to catch the 1235 Departure of the only thing in town that one can count on. The weather guys got it right with their forecast. We received around 12 inches of snow in the area overnight and into early this morning. Things are starting to clear off as there is some blue sky in spots. So along with the snow, we had cold temps. Abt 12 degrees when I was taking these shots. Some of my neighbors had frozen pipes. So far we are holding or own in that regards. But here are 3 shots from my 1/2 hour trip into town this morning.

Shot 1. This is the east end of the Royal Gorge Express Train at the EE Canon City. CRRX 3104 sits under a few inches of the white stuff.

Shot 2.  Thought a quick grab of the old DRGW Shed at the east end was a nice shot, so I took this one here.

Shot 3. Here is CRRX 728 as it leaves the station in town headed west with the train. There were a few brave souls on the open platform cars. Train length was shorter than the regular as the rear 6-8 cars and the 3104 were left back in the station area.

Second snow of the season for us here. First was back at the beginning of September. Hopefully this doesn't portend a snowy winter. If it does, well we will just have to deal with it then.  Hope everyone is ok and warm elsewhere. Temps to get back into the mid to low 60's by midweek. Colorado Weather, gotta love it.   Take care all, Ben

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Date: 10/26/20 12:38
Re: Let it snow, let it snow
Author: Bob3985

Nice, we got 14" up here in Cheyenne.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 10/26/20 12:53
Re: Let it snow, let it snow
Author: CNW8531

Really love that third shot!  That orange sure looks nice in the snow.

Date: 10/26/20 13:08
Re: Let it snow, let it snow
Author: PasadenaSub

Great set of photos in the new snow!


Date: 10/26/20 13:36
Re: Let it snow, let it snow
Author: cozephyr

Snow is plentiful around Colorado but folks need to slow down.  The Royal Gorge Route CRRX 402 was covered in fresh snow at Cañon City, CO, 26 October 2020.

2-3   Noted a Jeep Liberty was going too fast and ended up on its roof along Colorado Highway 115 and Little Turkey Creek Road 26 October 2020.  No one around the over turned vehicle.

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Date: 10/26/20 13:39
Re: Let it snow, let it snow
Author: 3rdswitch

Those are nice.

Date: 10/26/20 14:06
Re: Let it snow, let it snow
Author: callum_out

As to the Jeep, common. Most newer 4wd drivers think that makes them invincible, wrong!


Date: 10/26/20 14:42
Re: Let it snow, let it snow
Author: SCKP187

Nice snow shots Ben.  Sure hope we get the opportunity in Oklahoma this year
Brian Stevens

Date: 10/26/20 17:04
Re: Let it snow, let it snow
Author: ShortlinesUSA

Hope that snow dump quashed all the fires smoking up CO while I was out there last month.

Posted from Android

Date: 10/26/20 19:45
Re: Let it snow, let it snow
Author: oyw

#3 is very nice!

Date: 10/27/20 08:48
Re: Let it snow, let it snow
Author: aehouse

Reminds me of a railfan trip I took with my son in April 1991 to photograph the still very D&RGW-looking, ex-D&RGW SP mainline west of Denver.  We arrived around Coal Creek Canyon on an icy and snowy morning, with traction becoming a problem.  My son was all for going all out, but when we came to a 4WD on its roof, I demurred, and we packed it in for 24 hours until conditions improved.

Art House

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