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Western Railroad Discussion > I didn't even get a Swoosh (vol #6)

Date: 11/20/20 02:42
I didn't even get a Swoosh (vol #6)
Author: santafe199

Yup! Almost 5 years ago I drove all the way up to Nebraska to go shooting with my good friend ‘twjurgens’. And I didn’t even get a swoosh! OK… I just lied. I DID get a swoosh on this particular day. But I was just using any ol’ excuse I could find to resurrect one of my old thread series themes. A sort of anti-swoosh (read: Nike logo rip-off) theme.

I did leave my familiar, comfortable territory known as Wildcat Country to make a daring foray up into Husker Nation. Tom & I had specific plans to bag a BNSF business car train that would be coming into Lincoln late in the afternoon. So image #1 below is just one of the routine trains we found during the day, while image #2 is the actual target prey we were seeking. It does indeed have a swoosh on the point. But it doesn’t bother me any that it’s hidden in shadow… ;^)

1. BNSF 5743 is westbound with a coal empty at Aurora, NE.

2. With very little daylight left BNSF 6158 finally shows up with its fancy biz cars headed for Lincoln. Seen here at Hampton, NE. This image is a repost.
(2 photos taken February 24, 2016)

Thanks for hiding the swoosh!
Lance Garrels (aka Willie W)

Date: 11/20/20 04:14
Re: I didn't even get a Swoosh (vol #6)
Author: texchief1

Bothe are great shots, but #2 is a killr shot!

RC Lundgren

Date: 11/20/20 05:43
Re: I didn't even get a Swoosh (vol #6)
Author: twjurgens

It was a good day!  If memory serves, Richard Kistler joined us at Aurora.

Date: 11/20/20 08:51
Re: I didn't even get a Swoosh (vol #6)
Author: santafe199

twjurgens Wrote: > ... Richard Kistler joined us at Aurora ...

Yes he did! And it was good to see him again. I'll always remember him as the first railfan who EVER traded me an original Kodachrome-processed slide of a Santa Fe F-unit in Red & Silver. At Superior, of course. What a thrill it was for a 24 year old, die-hard Santa Fe fan(atic) who never saw any Red & Silver in person growing up...

Willie W 

Date: 11/20/20 13:32
Re: I didn't even get a Swoosh (vol #6)
Author: ns1000

I also REALLY like Pic 2!!

Date: 11/20/20 13:43
Re: I didn't even get a Swoosh (vol #6)
Author: BNSF-6432

Fantastic shot of the special!


Date: 11/20/20 18:19
Re: I didn't even get a Swoosh (vol #6)
Author: bobk

Great shots!

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