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Date: 11/20/20 07:59
Forty Friday
Author: HH

From last Friday (11/13),  
Griffith Rd. crossing, (MP 686.60) just south of Albany, Oregon.
The fog was lifting, but the air temp was still 32F, as indicated by the frosty grass + weeds trackside.
(images have some blur; light was limited and the train was moving fast!)
I didn’t get to see the details of this northbound UP train until I got home and watched the video of it; was surprised to see this SD-40 as the third unit.  It appears that the cab door is open.  I wonder; does the gumball on the roof over the engineer’s seat mean that this is a remote-control unit?
And was the 8582 involved in a sideswipe incident?  (UP 5400 was leading; 105 cars in train)
1. extracted from drone video, unedited.
2. same shot, cropped.
3. I was pleased to see this SP boxcar still roaming the system.
Hopmere Hank

Date: 11/20/20 09:03
Re: Forty Friday
Author: nedzarp

What a waste of spray paint!

Date: 11/20/20 11:01
Re: Forty Friday
Author: PHall

Yes, UP 1891 is a remote control equipped unit. The amber strobe lights and the orange and white remote control locomotive stickers on the side of the nose indicate that.
And just because it's equipped to used as a remote control locomotive doesn't mean that's all it's used for.

Date: 11/20/20 19:21
Re: Forty Friday
Author: djd83

nedzarp Wrote:
> What a waste of spray paint!

Looks like it's headed to a live-action remake of Conjunction Junction

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