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Date: 04/04/21 05:19
Clickity clack
Author: KB5WK

KCSM 4665 west at Plano Texas at Avenue F on jointed rail on Saturday April 3.  O-WYAL sand to Ash Grove cement plant.  KCS deliver on trackage rights to the FWWR at BNSF Saginaw yard and FWWR crew will deliver the train about 1 mile south at Tower 60 at Ash Grove and spot the cars at the plant.

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Date: 04/04/21 09:45
Re: Clickity clack
Author: rbx551985

That's gonna be a lot of cement!  What denotes when a covered hopper gets a horizontal, blue stripe along the bottom, as we see in the last two cars?  Was that painted on some cars to display a destination or orgin point, or customer or owner quick-I.D. ?

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