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Western Railroad Discussion > Cool finds at Interbay

Date: 04/05/21 18:27
Cool finds at Interbay
Author: SantaFe9820

I recently moved to Seattle, spent yesterday exploring the rail-scenery.


Date: 04/05/21 18:49
Re: Cool finds at Interbay
Author: Super-C

Great shots and finds in Seattle. Welcome to Washington and Seattle. Thanks for posting.  Chris

Date: 04/06/21 07:16
Re: Cool finds at Interbay
Author: Roadrailer

Neat stuff. and as Chris said, Welcome to Washington, 

Richard in RIchland (the drier-side of Washington)

Date: 04/07/21 10:51
Re: Cool finds at Interbay
Author: Texican65

Welcome! That BNSF 1454 is a "one of kind" in that paint scheme...I believe she's the only SD-60M to wear it. Nice shots.

If you went around to the other side, the magnolia side, the road adjacent to the roundhouse...you could face the roundhouse and get some great shots of the BNSF 1551...the last operation SD-9 on a class 1 railroad. 1551 is parked alongside of one of the buildings upstairs, near the turntable.


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